About Us

At Sowani , we believe the secrets to great skin can be found within nature. And we’re on a mission to bring them to you.

Founded by a woman of color, our brand arose from the frustrations of not being able to easily find products made for dark-brown-skinned women in the mainstream market. So, as a skincare formulator herself, our founder set out to create her own line of natural, clean, 100% vegan skincare products that she could use and proudly present to women just like her. The main focus of this brand is to create targeted skincare solutions for women of all skin colors and types, specifically dark-brown-skinned women.

Each of our products is made in the USA with ethically-sourced, clean ingredients. With specific formulations for various skin concerns and skin types, you’ll find everything your skin needs right here.

Everyone deserves an equal chance at life

Here at Sowani, we believe true happiness comes from giving back to the community. That’s why a percentage of every dollar spent is donated to the less fortunate. So you can be proud of every purchase too!